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NM-TWJ Thermometer Calibration System / Thermometer Calibration Device
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NM-TWJ Thermometer Calibration System / Thermometer Calibration Device

体温计校准装置 产品概述 NM-TWJ 体温计校准系统,主要用于红外耳温计、红外额温计等非接触式红外人体测温仪器的校准,玻璃体温计、医用电子体温计的检定。本产品是一种高精度自控式数显温度校准装置,它具有温度稳定性好、温场均匀、控温精度高、噪音低、可靠性好、寿命长等特点。本装置采用 PID 温度调节,实现温度自动控制,结构紧凑,操作方便,读数直观。本产品适用于非接触式红外人体测温仪器生产厂家,计量单位以及医疗卫生部门等对非接触式红外人体测温仪校准使用。本产品所配高精度恒温源性能指标同时符合玻璃体温计检定规程和医用电子体温计检定规程。
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Product Overview of Thermometer Calibration Device

NM-TWJ Thermometer Calibration System is mainly used for calibration of non-contact infrared body temperature measuring instruments, such as infrared ear thermometer and infrared forehead thermometer, as well as verification of glass thermometer and medical electronic thermometer. This product is a high-precision auto-control digital temperature calibration device, with the characteristics of good temperature stability, uniform temperature field, high temperature control accuracy, low noise, good reliability and long service life. The device adopts PID for temperature regulation to realize automatic temperature control. It is of compact structure, easy to operate and shows indicating value intuitively. This product is suitable for the calibration and use of non-contact infrared body thermometer by manufacturers, measuring units, medical and health departments, etc. The performance index of the high-precision thermostatic source matched with this product conforms to the verification regulation for glass thermometers and medical electronic thermometers. 

Features of Thermometer Calibration Device 

1. The thermostatic bath for calibration of NM-RTS05TB thermometer is a thermostatic source specially designed for calibrating the thermometer. Its volume is only 1/2 of an ordinary thermostatic bath. Thus, it is easy to carry and move. Totally-enclosed environment-friendly compressor refrigeration system, without CFC. 

2. The latest generation of integrated PID automatic temperature control program and the high-precision Pt100 temperature sensor are built in. A touch screen operation panel is provided, and it is easy to operate with high digital display resolution to ensure accurate and stable temperature control. 

3. The high uniformity of flow field and temperature field in the bath is realized by using the side stirring circulation system. 

4. The exterior of the black body cavity is plated, and the interior is covered with a black body coating of high emissivity to ensure high black body emissivity and long service life. 

5. The anti-aging electrostatic spraying technology is applied to the body shell, and the high-quality S304 stainless steel is used for the inner bath. 

6. The shell with fine workmanship and unique humanized design structure are convenient for operators to use. 

System Configuration Table 

Product Model Selection

Calibration of infrared ear thermometer Calibration of infrared forehead thermometer Calibration of glass thermometer Calibration of electronic thermometer 
NM-RTS05TB Thermostatic Bath

NM-HTB01 Forehead  Thermometer Black Body Cavity


NM-HTB02 Ear Thermometer Black Body Cavity


Second-class Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometer 

Standard Thermometer 

High Precision Thermometer

Reading Telescope

Reading Microscope

Magnifying Lens


Water Triple-point Bottle



25 —表示不需要设备



-20℃~ 100℃










≧ 0.999


≧ 0.997





电   源

220VAC 50Hz

功   率






净   重

约 50kg














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