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Company Events

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I. In October 2009, inheriting the superior technical resources of thermal metering test equipment of Beijing Nimeng Metrology New Technology Development Corporation, National Institute of Metrology, China, Tai'an Nimeng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was  incorporated in Tai'an City, Shandong Province, and the brand of Nimeng was founded. 

Company Events

II. In August 2010, the copyright of software for NM-01 automatic calibration system of thermocouples, resistance thermometers and thermometers was registered. Since then, independent R&D and trial production of the complete set of equipment and instruments of automatic calibration system of thermocouples and resistance thermometers have been completed, and the Company has obtained the overall design and manufacturing capacity of thermal measurement laboratory equipment and instruments. 


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III. Since 2011, the Company's products have been gradually used in systems of large-scale enterprises, such as SGS, Shengli Oilfield, GRG Test, Shandong Iron & Steel Group, Daqing Oil Field, etc. The products and systems could be fully customized for third-party testing institutions and enterprise laboratories, and the influence of the Company and its brand was extended to depth and breadth. 

IV. In June 2013, the Company passed the ISO 9001:2008 quality system certification, and the process quality and physical quality management of its products achieved systematic construction results. 

V. In 2015, three patents, i.e., oil fume exhaust device, liquid level detection protection and rapid cooling, were obtained for thermostatic bath, the core product of the Company. It achieved key breakthroughs in improving the laboratory environment, protecting the health of laboratory personnel, improving the convenience and comfort during experimental operation, and realizing product upgrading and quality improvement. It was also a key achievement in building technology intensive and knowledge intensive enterprise concepts. 


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VI. In 2015, the new patented thermostatic baths entered the thermal laboratory of Shandong Institute of Metrology in batches and were well received, and then the products are gradually popularized and used in metrological Institutes of various provinces and cities across the country. 




VII. In November 2015, new high-precision thermostatic bath and other products appeared at the 7th National Temperature Measurement Academic Exchange Meeting. These new products were praised by experts from National Institute of Metrology and many scholars. At the meeting, general manager Hao Guilong made an academic report on new patented products, indicating that Nimeng Electronic Technology has been developed into an influential enterprise and brand in the industry. 




企业大事记 企业大事记


VIII. In May 2016, the Company was approved as a technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise in Tai'an City. In November 2018, it was recognized by Shandong Provincial Science and Technology Department and other two departments and committees, and became a national high-tech enterprise. Its enterprise value and comprehensive strength were improved again. 




IX. In May 2019, the Company further passed GB/T 19001-2016/ISO 9001:2015 quality system certification, and the systematic assurance capability of product quality was further improved. 

X. In May 2020, the Company obtained the right to engage in import and export trade. 


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XI. In June 2020, NM-BL670 black body radiation source products passed the CE certification for export to the European Union and the FCC certification for export to the United States. The products were exported to Europe, Central Asia and other countries and regions, making outstanding contributions to epidemic prevention. 

XII. In July 2020, the specialized appearance design and structural layout of key products, such as thermostatic bath, check box and calibration furnace were completed again, and the products were upgraded again, taking on a new look. Furthermore, the products were successively presented at the 2020 Academic Exchange Conference on Temperature Measurement Application and Epidemic Prevention and Control Temperature Detection Technology and the 2nd Shanghai International Metrology and Testing Technology and Equipment Expo. As the new products added modeling elements such as curved surface, streamline and color contrast, the overall sense of design, science and technology and the sense of the times have become the highlights on the two conferences. 

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XIII. In September 2020, the Company was elected as a director unit of Shandong Society for Measurement. Hao Guilong, the general manager of the Company, was elected as a member of the Temperature Measurement Committee of Chinese Society for Measurement, a member of Shandong Temperature and Humidity Measurement Technology Committee and a director of Shandong Society for Measurement. 


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