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Quality System

Quality System


In August 2010, the software copyright of NM-01 thermocouple, RTD and thermometer automatic testing system of Nimeng Technology was registered. In the same period, the full set of equipment and instruments of thermocouple and RTD automatic testing system all completed independent research and development and trial production, and has the overall design and manufacturing capability of thermal metrology laboratory equipment and instruments.
In June 2013, we obtained the ISO9001:2008 quality system certification, and the process quality and physical quality management of enterprise products have achieved systemic construction results.
In May 2019, it upgraded to obtain GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015 version of quality system certification, and the systemic quality assurance capability of product quality was further enhanced.




The process standards and quality standards for the production process of products are the basic outline of the Nimon plant and are the fundamental rules of operation.
In terms of process and quality management, Nimon strictly controls the technical design, process and quality standards, disposal of non-conforming products, traceability of quality problems, commissioning and calibration of products, and has a comprehensive control of components, production processes and inspection and commissioning. The quality concept of "strict" has maintained the dignity of Nimon people, strengthened their self-confidence and promoted the efficient and healthy development of Nimon.




In terms of technical services, the general philosophy established by Nimon is: in the normal environment where product competition, quality competition and price competition are becoming increasingly fierce, the company will strive to create a service concept, service system, service capability and response closure efficiency that are superior to those of other enterprises, strengthen customer training and guidance, make up for defects in the physical quality of products, improve the value of product use, honour the social public nature of product sales and services, and strengthen market orientation of all staff in order to build a good reputation and enhance the corporate brand value.
Around the general concept of technical service, Nimon has formulated the "Certain Regulations on Service Staff Job Responsibilities, Work Standards and Reward Subsidies". The content includes service personnel job duties, commissioning and service standardisation workflow, customer training requirements, service project closure and acceptance assessment requirements, service personnel image and mannerisms regulations, etc. The Regulations fully reflect the market orientation and service orientation, and fully reflect the product value concept of allowing customers to use the products better.




Details shaped boutique, integrity cast brand. Nimon Technology will always be committed to the temperature and humidity measurement industry, and will strive to provide the country, enterprises and customers with better quality, more adapted to the needs and use of the measurement equipment and instruments, to contribute more strength for the Chinese manufacturing, for the development of society.

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