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Service Concept

Service Concept


In terms of technical services, the general philosophy established by Nimon is: in the normal environment where product competition, quality competition and price competition are becoming increasingly fierce, the company will strive to create a service concept, service system, service capability and response closure efficiency that are superior to those of other enterprises, strengthen customer training and guidance, make up for defects in the physical quality of products, improve the value of product use, honour the social public nature of product sales and services, and strengthen market orientation of all staff in order to build a good reputation and enhance the corporate brand value.
Around the general concept of technical services, Nimon Technology has formulated "some regulations on service personnel's job duties, work standards and incentives and subsidies". The content includes service personnel job duties, commissioning and service standardisation workflow, customer training requirements, service project closure and acceptance assessment requirements, service personnel image and mannerisms regulations, etc. The Regulations fully reflect the market orientation and service orientation, and fully reflect the product value concept of allowing customers to use the products better.




In the scope of installation and commissioning, the scope of the three guarantees and the period of time, Nimon will generally grasp the principle of "treating with tolerance and peace", dialectically grasp the relationship between paying short-term costs and avoiding unexpected costs and gaining long-term benefits, never shirking and evading responsibilities, never arguing with customers, never artificially creating negative remarks, strive to build a friendly customer service relationship, and strive to make the implementation of each service project a good opportunity to improve product quality, accumulate a positive image and accumulate market resources.



Customer service staff image, speech and behaviour

First, think what the user wants, urgent user needs, not afraid of the cold and hot sun, not afraid of hard conditions, and strive to complete the shortest and fastest maintenance tasks, to achieve customer satisfaction.
Two, respect for customers, good attitude, modest attitude, warm and courteous. Be able to think differently, understand the customer, be able to bear the aggravation, be able to bear the customer reprimand, emotional venting, and even commanding (to have the temperament and psychological tolerance,, smile when calling, the other party must be able to feel", to China Mobile or Haier's service telephone operators to learn).
Third, maintain a good personal image, such as: do not wear strange clothes; do not grow a beard or dyed hair; do not smoke work; no smiling; no obscene language.
4. Absolute prohibitions.
--Taking or extorting favours from customers.
--Slander, abuse or ridicule customers.
--Demanding accommodation from clients and asking for invoices for reimbursement.
--Deferring a problem without solving it.
--Speaking to the customer in a way that is detrimental to the company and to the quality of the product (e.g. "Our equipment is like this, I can't fix it, call the company!) .
--Changing the trip without reporting it.
--Charging customers illegally and selling parts privately.
V. Be polite, use Mandarin and use business language.
--Call the customer to understand the situation: "Hello, I am Guo Meng of Taian Nimeng Electronic Technology, the equipment is faulty to give you trouble, apologize for the inconvenience"; "Can you tell the specific fault situation?"
--Communication with the customer during the repair: "Oh, it should be a problem with XX, don't worry we will deal with it in time" (we will discuss the plan immediately and get back to you).
--After the repair: "What other problems have you encountered to see if I can help you solve them"; "The company requires us to carry out some technical exchanges after the repair, please ask the relevant operators to cooperate, this is a necessary procedure for our service This is a necessary procedure for our service staff".
--Training and maintenance completed, "Mr. Li, the equipment has been troubleshot and overhauled, now you can test it"; "I have done a complete equipment check for you". "Please help me fill out the task execution sheet and make an evaluation of my current service"; "Please cooperate and sign your name; "Thank you!"
-- When the maintenance, training and information forms are completed and you are about to leave: "(if the person expresses gratitude), you're welcome, it's my job, it's what I'm supposed to do"; "I apologise again for the trouble I've caused you "; "Please write down my phone number or add WeChat, we often contact in the future if there are problems, I will be happy to serve you"; "Welcome to Tai'an to travel and sightseeing, welcome to our company as a guest, goodbye!"
--Communication with customers, you can ask some purchasing information in the same industry, recommend the company's products: "Mr. Li, we Nimeng is a professional manufacturer of temperature measurement instruments and equipment, can produce and modify all the equipment for temperature measurement and calibration, can independently complete the design of the temperature laboratory and equipment We can independently complete the design and equipment selection of temperature laboratories, your colleagues in the same industry can tell me if there is a need, we at Nimon will enhance the quality and professional services."

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