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Quality Control

Quality Control


Product quality is a solid foundation for life, dignity and self-confidence of Nimeng Electronic Technology.

Nimeng Electronic Technology has passed ISO 9001 international quality system certification. The Company's R&D, processes, quality control and service operate in strict accordance with the standards and regulations of the quality system




The process standards and quality standards of the product production process are the basic rules and operating rules of the Nimon factory.


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In terms of process and quality management, Nimeng Electronic Technology strictly controls technical design, process and quality standards, disposal of nonconforming products, traceability of quality problems, as well as product commissioning and calibration, and conducts all-round strict control over components and parts, production process, inspection and commissioning. The concept of "strict" quality control has safeguarded the dignity of Nimeng Electronic Technology, enhanced its self-confidence, and promoted its efficient and healthy development.





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Fine products are molded through details, and brands are forged through integrity. The Company will not change its original intention and belief, and will always be committed to the temperature and humidity measurement industry, strive to provide the country, enterprises and customers with more high-quality measuring equipment and instruments that are more suitable for demand and usage, and make more contributions to China's manufacturing industry and social development. 


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