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What are the precautions for using a precision dew point meter?
The precision dew point meter adopts the world's advanced sensor technology, the new sensor of British ALPHA company, it adopts DRYCAP-film sensing technology and humidity-sensitive material, and has three world patents: polyester film probe DRYCAP. Resistant to condensation, dust particles, resistant to gasoline and most gases, ideal for industrial environments with low dew points and controlled dry points. Precautions for the use of the precision dew point meter, the instrument should be placed in a safe location to prevent damage. Avoid violent vibrations. Do not measure corrosive gases. The probe should be cleaned and calibrated after a certain period of time, and the calibration cycle should be one year.
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Sharing of functions and features of precision dew point meter
Precision dew point meter, also known as dew point meter, micro water meter, SF6 micro water meter, intelligent micro water meter, SF6 gas micro water meter, SF6 precision dew point meter, etc., is an ideal choice for industrial environments with low dew point and dry point control.
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The Importance of Moisture Measurement with Precision Dew Point Meters
Precision dew point meter refers to a mirror dew point meter with semiconductor refrigeration and photoelectric automatic balance. Relative humidity is the percentage of the mole fraction of water vapor in the measured environment to the mole fraction of saturated water vapor at the same temperature and pressure, that is, the ratio of the partial pressure of water vapor in the environment to the saturated water vapor pressure at the same temperature (water vapor in the air). is equal to the saturated water vapor pressure at the dew point temperature). The precision dew point meter measures relative humidity by measuring dew point and ambient temperature, so relative humidity has two uncertain factors: the uncertainty of dew point and ambient temperature measurement.
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The working principle of constant temperature bath and the introduction of two major control systems
The low temperature thermostat is widely used in chemical, petroleum, medicine, biology, physical chemistry, metrology, universities, electronic instruments, scientific research institutions and other fields for experiments. In order to meet the requirements of the constant temperature environment for the main components of the LPG density meter Large, size φ260 × 420, mixing area φ160 × 420, total volume 34 liters, other properties are: working temperature range 10 ° c ~ 95 ° c, working ambient temperature less than 30 ° c, total power 3kw, power 220v/50hz, Can work in ordinary laboratories.
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What are the components of a constant temperature bath? how to choose?
What are the components of a constant temperature bath? how to choose? Many companies use thermostatic baths in their daily work, but many people do not know what parts of the thermostatic bath are made of and which parts are more important. Too careful comparison. Today, we will take you a detailed understanding of the components of the thermostatic bath, so that you can know what structures this product has.
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Tell everyone about the product features of the low temperature thermostat
In the laboratory, we often encounter situations where the experimental sample needs to be kept at a specific ambient temperature, a low temperature constant temperature or a high temperature constant temperature. In the high temperature constant temperature, we often use a high temperature constant temperature oil bath, because the boiling point of the oil is very high, if It is in water, you can use constant temperature water bath, constant temperature water bath, low temperature constant temperature tank and other instruments, the constant temperature effect of these instruments in water is very significant, if you need a low temperature and constant temperature state, generally use a low temperature constant temperature tank, which can not only maintain low temperature, but also with With the advancement of technology, the accuracy will also improve under constant temperature conditions.
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